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Areas of Expertise

Kids & Teens

Their feelings are big for them, which often means their behaviors are big for you. From attitude to anxiety or tantrums to transitions, I've got you covered when it comes to kids & teens. This also includes academic performance, ADHD, depressed mood, grief/loss, and sibling issues.


Feeling better and doing life on your terms is your right. Instead of avoiding the worry, grief, stress, trauma, anger, co-dependency, or relationship issues, let's work together to get you to the other side of it. You're the expert on your life; I can be your guide.


Conflict is okay. Wait, what? Yep. What each person does or doesn't do in a family impacts its other members. Family members have unique qualities that occasionally lead to conflict, and that's okay. It's how we handle conflict that matters. I have the skills and experience to teach you how to work with these challenges instead of against them.


Parenting may not come with a handbook, but it can include a coach. Learn how to reduce tantrums, get your kids to listen, and find joy in parenting again... or for the first time. No judgment. Kids are cute and can sometimes act like emotional terrorists. As they lean to navigate the world, you're learning to navigate them. I'm here to help. 

My Approach

Feelings are... uncomfortable. Sure, they're intended to keep you safe,
but when they run the show, life feels prickly. It can keep you from truly connecting with others or may result in big reactions, especially for kids.


As a counselor, I combine clinical knowledge with lightheartedness and humor to help you sift through your past so change can occur in the present. I want to give you the tools to feel confident working through future challenges independently. The goal of counseling is to no longer be in counseling.

As a coach, I use my therapeutic experience to inform our work together. We don't dig into the past though. Instead, we focus on the present to determine what's working (or not) and ways to get unstuck, so you can achieve the parenting goals you set for yourself.  

My Approach
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