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Parent Coaching


They say some of the best things in life are free, and these offers are no exception. Enjoy!

Family Sexpert
6-Part Private Podcast

Change the conversation with a more empowered approach to sex ed. 
This podcourse allows you to go at your own pace and takes the scariness out of talking with your kids about sex. With step-by-step guidance to prepare you for 'the sex talk,' you'll tap into what drives your perspective and learn different methods for discussing sex that honors you... your values... your family.



Like what you see? Have questions? Let me know.

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Chaos to Calm
2-part DIY program

Unlock the patient parent within you.
A more patient version of you is not only possible, it already exists inside you. 
Learn why you react the way you do and how to prevent big reactions without walking on eggshells or saying "yes" to keep the peace. With 4 memorable takeaways, you'll gain insight to reduce blowups and get ways to mend things if/when an explosion happen -- because you're human and it happens.


Like what you see? Have questions? Let me know.

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Parenting Myths
DIY masterclass

Bust free from the inner tug-of-war to get the truth once & for all.
Ever wonder if the things you think about your kids are spot on or way out there? Of course you do. Most parents do, especially the ones who want to be the best parents they can be. And we both know that's you. From learning differences to figuring out what emotions to show around the kids and more, this DIY-program answers some of your most pressing parenting questions. You're not alone on this one.



Get a jumpstart on parent coaching with this no-commitment* option. Pay as you go or choose to pocket some savings with a 5-pack or 10-pack of meetings.
Each 45-minute meeting gives you an individualized roadmap to make
positive changes in your family.

*bi-weekly meetings are recommended to
build momentum initially


Imagine having a parent coach in your back pocket. That's what this option is all about. You get two 60 minute meetings per month plus personalized access between meetings to ask questions, get feedback, troubleshoot & celebrate wins. With a 3-month commitment, you can choose to pay-in-full or month-to-month.


Prepare to have your mind blown. Not only will you receive everything that All-In Coaching offers, but you also get a deep dive into a specialized change plan for your family. There are various options for deep dive timing & payments to align with your unique needs.

4-hr deep dive: pay-in-full or monthly

8-hr deep dive: pay-in-full or monthly


Not sure what you need? Like what you see but have questions? I can help. That's what I'm here for.
Send me a message, and we'll figure out what the best option is for you even if it's not with me.

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