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What it is

Embark on a journey to feel better. We'll explore your motivations, your reservations, your past and your feelings. That may sound like a lot, but I'll be by your side organizing the pieces, observing the patterns and helping you uncover what's kept you stuck... until now. Together, we'll find new ways for you to think about situations and learn different responses to get you better outcomes. 

What it isn't: advice, girl talk, or friends with therapy benefits 

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We're in this together

Hi, I'm Paige. I have a clinical license in family therapy and more than a decade of experience guiding adults, kids and families into stronger connections and healthier behaviors.


Children under age 7

PCIT: Parent-Child Interactive Therapy

Directly influence better behavior from your young child while simultaneously increasing your bond with them. Receive feedback from me in-the-moment as you learn new ways to engage with, instruct, and praise or ignore certain behaviors. Get step-by-step guidance in this research-backed approach along with new skills you can use immediately, results you'll see quickly and more consistent compliance long term.


Older kids and teens

Individual therapy

Their feelings are big for them, which likely means their attitudes are big for you. And you would like them to get that ish in check. Not just for you but for them! They'll learn to navigate these years with less distress and more joy. Watch their confidence grow and overwhelming emotions shrink as they discover healthier ways to manage adolescent pressures. They'll also learn skills to confidently manage adult stress later on.



Individual therapy

Feel better and do life on your terms; it's your right. At your core is the healthiest version of you. Let's find that person together. Get relief from what's been weighing on you as you learn new ways to accept and explore your emotions. Strengthen your relationship with yourself and others using skills from our sessions. Skip the avoidance or overthinking, and start engaging with people you care about in the most authentic way.


Relationship therapy* 

Foster improved interaction and communication as you learn to work better in sibling pairs, parent-child pairs, or as a family unit. What each person in a family does or doesn't do impacts other members. An individual's qualities may even lead to family conflict, AND that's okay. It's how families handle conflict that matters most.

Reduce unwanted behaviors and improve your family relationships as you (re)connect with loved ones. Provide each other with a new space to hear one another's opinions and acknowledge feelings.

*Please note that couples therapy is completely different from family therapy. I do not work with couples but am happy to provide you with a referral.

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Some therapists charge per person. I think that's lame. Counseling with me is $150 per session. Period.

If you wish to use insurance, please know they require that you receive a mental health diagnosis. I can provide you with a superbill for out-of-network reimbursement upon request since I do not take insurance.

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